- 2 Handled Cup (Item 2HC)

- 8 Oz. Baby Bottle (Item 8BB)

- 9 Oz. Spill Proof Cup (Item 9SPC)

- 9 Oz. Toddler Super Sipper (Item TSS)

- 12 Oz. Goosebumps Tumbler (Item 12GT)

- 12 Oz. Retro Cup (Item 12RC)

- 14 Oz. Fun Cup (Item 14FC)

- 28 Oz. Insulated Sports Bottle (Item 28SBI)

- 32 Oz. Fun Cup (Item 32FC)

- 360 Sip Around Cup (Item 360SAC)

Baby Bowl (Item BB)

- Burp Pad (Item BP)

- Clip On Bottle Suit (Item COBS)

- Diaper Bag Combo (Item DBC)

- Dome Sipper (Item DS)

- Flat Pocket Cooler (Item FPC)

- Flip N Lock Cup (Item FLC)

- Food Storage Container (Item FSC)

Fork and Spoon Set (Item FSS)

- Hooded Baby Towel (Item HBT)

- Infant Feeding Spoon (Item IFS)

- Infant Knit Cap (Item IKC) 

- Infant Lap Shirt (Item ILS)

Infant Tie Bib (Item ITB)

- Juice Cup (Item JC)

- Little Kids Cup (Item LKC)

- Magnetic Bin (Item MB)

- Newborn Bib (Item NB)

- Pacifier Holder (Item PH)

- Plate (Item PL)

- Printed Baby Keys (Item PBK)

- Baby Rattle (Item RA)

- Receiving Blanket (Item RB)

- Interlock Romper (Item RPR)

- Snack To Go (Item S2G)

- Snap Vinyl Back Bib (Item SVBB)

- Snuggem' Can Cooler (Item SNF)

- Socket Outlet Covers Imprinted with Printed Header Cards (Item SOCI)

- Socket Outlet Covers Printed in Bulk (Item ISOC)

- Socket Outlet Covers Blank with Printed Header Cards (Item SOC)

- Socket Outlet Plate (Item SOP) 

- Spoon and Fork Combo (Item SFC)

- Sporty Shorty (Item 11SS)

- Sub Safe (Item SS)

- The Juicy Cup (Item TJC)

- Triangle Snap Bib (Item TSB)

- Tubbie Mitt (Item TM)

Vinyl Back Bib (Item VBB)

Vinyl Heart Shaped Bib (Item VHSB)

- Wash Cloth (Item WC)

- Wipes Holder (Item WH)

Zipper Bottle Suit (Item ZBS)


*Bib Box Set (Item BBS) - This will includes 3 items: 8BB, ITB, and RA

*Bib Ribbon Set (Item BRS) - This will includes 3 items: 8BB, ITB, and RA

*Romper Box Set (Item RBS) - This will includes 3 items: 8BB, RPR, and RA

*Toddler Bowl Set (Item TBS) - This will includes 3 items: BB, JC, and FSS

*Toddler Plate and Bowl Set (Item TPBS) - This will includes 4 items: BB, JC, PL, and FSS